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Are your medicines working for you?

When you’re taking multiple medicines it can be difficult to know if they are still doing what they need to do. The body changes over time and therefore some medicines might not be appropriate anymore. Ask yourself, are your medicines working for you?

The more medicines you take, the more likely you are to experience side effects.

Over time it can be easy for the number of medicines you’re taking to increase, and before you know it you’re taking multiple medicines, multiple times a day. When this happens it’s time to book an appointment with your pharmacist for a medicine review. This will allow you and your pharmacist to work through your medication needs and it will provide you with the opportunity to identify and stop prescriptions which you no longer want or need.

What does working mean?

Are you experiencing any side effects?

Does taking the medication fit with your daily routine?

Is the medicine improving your symptoms?

Book a medicine review

It is estimated that 10% of medicines prescribed are not needed by patients. Some medicines may even be causing or increasing the risk of harm from side effects.

It’s important that your medications are reviewed regularly…

  • Your condition may have changed, the medicines you were prescribed may no longer be appropriate
  • It might be better to stop taking your medication, but this will be discussed at your review

You shouldn’t stop taking your medication without support. If you feel that your medicines aren’t working for you or you are taking more than ten prescribed medicines, it’s time to book a review with your practice pharmacist.

Regular medicine reviews ensure all your medications are still working for you.

What to expect at your review

Your review is a confidential appointment between you and your pharmacist (or another qualified health professional such as GP or practice nurse). The aim of the review is to check that the medicines you are prescribed are still working for you and that you are getting the best from them.

Do you think your medicines are improving your health or stopping it from getting worse?

When was the last time you didn’t take at least one of your medicines?

Have you had any unwanted side effects from your medicines?

Symptom Tracker

Sometimes it can be difficult to know if some or all your medicines are working for you. Your pharmacist/GP might ask you to complete a symptom tracker.

A tracker is used:

  • to monitor your current medication
  • to help make decisions about your medication
  • to monitor any changes and make sure the changes are working for you

A review is for both you and your pharmacist/GP to make a decision about your medication together.

It is important to have regular medication reviews to make sure your medicines are still working for you.

Symptom Tracker with VAS
Symptom Tracker